David Ellis Knives

For more information on these and other knives go to: http://www.exquisiteknives.com

For more information including pricing please email Dave Ellis at: mastersmith@cox.net

loveannive Bob Loveless rare Anniversary Knife. Add this Gem to your Loveless Collection.

lovelessengravedhideout Bob Loveless Hidout engraved by the late Dan Wilkerson, feel free to inquire about price and availability.

lovelessmerrittamberwilderness Gorgeous Amber Stag Wilderness, not many of these around, for these and other fine Loveless and other top makers please visit my site http://www.exquisiteknives.com.

One thought on “David Ellis Knives

  1. David,

    I received the DVD today on Bob Loveless and watched it immediately. You guys did a superb job on making the DVD. I have always admired Loveless knives and after watching it I felt as if I had known Bob personally. Thank you for making a great documentary that is now in my collection of Bob Loveless items.


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